Who is Nicky and what can she do for you?

She is a brand strategist, art director, designer, illustrator and gifted visual storyteller.  She is a bright creative thinker, dedicated labourer and trusted educated leader who builds brands that you can be proud of.  Nicky has been helping businesses, large and small, new and old, develop and communicate their brand identities for over a decade.  She has an innate ability to connect, inspire and motivate. She understands the diversity of how people think and what it takes to decode their intricate thoughts and turn them into powerful, effective concepts.   She helps you define or re-define who your company is, where it needs to be and how to get there with meaningful and profitable results. 



Research & Analysis – Brand Strategy – Identity & Design – Activation & Production – Messaging – Technology

“My job is to invent new, exciting visual identities that connect with your target audience, to transform your business into a trusted, desirable brand.  This is what I’m passionate about.”  

A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.

 Some projects call for late nights.  It’s no wonder I’m a java-junkie.

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