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A successful company depends on how well people connect with your brand.  It’s the value your customers place on your business and the story they align with your product or service.  It’s the emotional attachment people develop with your company and its offerings which decide whether people will or will not choose to purchase your goods.

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Hi.  I’m Nicky and the founder of crave creative.   What initially began as an admiration for great design and a career in advertising, soon evolved into a passion for communication and creative brand development.  For the past decade my focus has been in helping small to medium-sized businesses build strong, successful brand identities that work.  Having been a start-up myself I came to realize the obstacles of starting a business from the ground up.  I specifically took notice of the lack of resources there was to help entrepreneurs get off the ground with a healthy head start.  Thus begun my true devotion to guide, teach, transform, improve and materialize my clients’ visions for success.

Live what You Love.”

I’m a solo designer – developer – copywriter – brand strategist – illustrator and creative thinker.  I do just about everything and love every second of it.  From research analysis to initial creative brief, to project design & development and final deployment.  Whether it’s a website, print collateral, product or digital design, I thrive on the whole process.  The personal connection I develop with clients and the hands on approach of working together is the perfect combination for success.

Building a business can be daunting and costly, specially for start-ups.  Working closely with you, your budget and analyzing your present situation and future projections to determine what will propel your company forward is what I do best.  

A great majority of people I’ve worked with have pre-established companies but are lacking the proper esthetics and marketing tools needed to connect with their target audience.  Having a recognizable, reputable brand that your buyers will identify with is key.  If your brand is stuck in the 90’s, needs to be re-mastered and rejuvenated then stop looking.   I will help breathe new life into your old look and develop a brand strategy that will make your rivals weep.  I guarantee that working together on your company identity and collateral will expand your company presence, impact your customers and help build and grow your business.   

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