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Hi, I'm Nicky.

Brand Strategist and Creative Adventurer

I Travel North America Developing Custom Brand Solutions and Creative Works so Your Business Can Flourish.

Are You In Search Of An Effective Company Brand?

Are you standing out from your competition?

Does your business connect with your target audience?

Is your company image in line with your long term plans for achieving your goals and objectives for success?


If not, then NOW is the time to make it happen and 

Nicky is here to take care of everything for you.


Welcome to Crave Creative!

About Me:  My name is Nicole Pillon(Nicky for short) and this website is a personal collection of my client work, illustrations, and featured brand development projects.  It’s a place where you’ll gain insight into my creative process and learn how my services can benefit you and your business.  You’ll discover how my focus on clean, functional, solution-based design will connect with your customers and propel your business forward.  I’m passionate about design and delight in helping businesses get noticed.  I work closely with clients both near and far to unveil the perfect message for their offerings and drive real business results.  

Career:  I’ve been very fortunate with my professional endeavors.  Before deciding to ride the Entrepreneurial wave I worked in various leading, award winning roles.  Creative Director, Art Director and Senior Designer were my greatest achievements. My focus was in the Corporate Advertising world and in the Home/Condo Builder Sect, both in the Greater Toronto Area,  Looking back I’ve also held a variety of graphic design and print production-related roles in my earlier years just after graduation.  I believe these practical and technical experiences combined have contributed to my extensive skill-set which I still nurture and expand upon every day.  

Other Creative Endeavors:  When I’m not hobbying, building something new, on the move with my mini-mobile office or working on my own clients here at Crave Creative you’ll find me immersed in the virtual world partnering with other media companies as a Remote Freelance & Independent Creative Source and Project Manager. 

Do you have a project?   DROP ME A LINE!  

Present Location:
South-Western, Ontario

Fort Erie, Toronto,
Brockville & Montreal

Calgary, Alberta

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