Dynapro Equipment Ltd.


Brand Development Project


Dynapro  engineers, manufactures, repairs and sells industrial pumps and pump parts both locally and internationally.  Dynapro is also a world leader in importing and exporting.   For over 30 years this Canadian-born company from Sudbury, Ontario has been the successful “go-to” supplier and repair centre for the region.  With eyes on the Global market and expansion on the horizon, Dynapro enlisted Nicky’s expertise to rejuvenate their brand.  Learn how crave creative helped transform Dynapro’s brand from a small enterprise into a Global competitive force.


Brand-Marketing Strategy, 7 Brochures, Business Cards, Illustrations, E-Card, Photo Retouching, On-going Brand Management and Collateral

“Nicky Pillon worked with us to update our Brand. The results exceeded our expectations and provide exceptional value. When we share our brochures from Crave Creative, the positive feedback is instant. It’s a fact that people like pretty things. Nicky has helped us turn dirty pumps and pump parts into a sexy product to market and sell. Thanks Nicky! And thank you for your speedy turn around on all our different projects.”

-Jody May, Sales and Marketing at Dynapro


Dynapro has been around for quite some time and so has their brand.  Their look may have worked for them as a startup but with today’s media advancements, not so much.  Being forward thinking, Dynapro was well aware of the importance of branding and marketing for the success and development of their business.  Utilizing their existing logo design, Dynapro partnered with Nicky to develop a brand and marketing strategy that they could be proud of.  One that would encompass and exhibit the high level quality of products and services they provide and help them emerge as a leader and driving force in a competitive Global market.

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