Aloha Spirit

Aloha Spirit

Brand Development Project


Aloha spirit is a holistic service offering the specialized teachings of hawaiian healing arts.  Lomi Lomi bodywork, Ho’ponopono, Pohaku Lomi, Stone Massage, Huna, Temple Dance and Flying Meditation are just a taste of the various disciplines offered.  The owner of this new start-up company called upon Nicky to develop a very unique representation of her vision.  Learn more about how she achieved this special request.


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Illustrations, Postcard, Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card.


Nicky is accustomed to carte blanche when it comes to designing brand concepts but rarely does she get a chance to work on a project with such a hands-on approach.  She was elated to learn of the client’s request to develop a large-scale mandala and/or illustrated representation for the company’s identity.  

Since aloha spirit encompasses a history of bodywork handed down from many generations past, the age-old technique of hand drawing was used to develop the brand.  Nicky chose pencil crayon as the medium and watercolour paper as the base to give the drawing a more textured look and feel.  The larger hibiscus flowers(native to Hawaii) represent the teachers with the smaller flowers representing the students.

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